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Frequently asked questions

You asked we answered.

Yes! The game is fully free to play on both iOS and Andriod.

The game is capiable of running on any modern iOS or Andriod device with App Store or Play Store.

There are 6 currently characters. Red boi, green boi, purple boi, blue boi, gigachad, and gorilla.

There are 6 guns currently; pistol, rocket launcher, rifle, shot gun, smg. These guns have limitation on how much damage they do and how much ammo they hold. You can also spawn with grenades, grenades are physic based. You can bounce them off platforms, kick them around, etc. There is one melee option.

There are 6 maps currently. They are Base, Grassland, Highgrounds, Test Field, Dungeon, and Floating Island.

Cosmetics are hats that go over your characters head. They provide no positive or negative effects.
There are 8 cosmetics currrently. They are; Santa hat, Pirate Hat, Top Hat, Brown Puff, Red Puff, Black Knight Helmet, Brown Wolf, and Gray Wolf.

Currently you can play up to 8 players per lobby, this is including you. You can create a private lobby/custom match and control how many players or bots are in the game. You can also turn off bots.

There are powerups you can pick up. Weapons, ammo, shield, grenades. You can typically pick up any of the 6 weapons on a map at certain spawn points. Ammo powerups will refill your current gun to max ammo limit. Shield will give you an extra bar under your health that will allow you to take more damage. Grenades will give you more grenades on top of what you currently have, there is no known limit to them.